An outlet for those who live their lives along the margins; to the OUTSIDER population, welcome. 

Outsider Magazine aims to provide a space for international writers, artists and pioneers, of overlooked identities. Recognizing the unconquerable strength and depth of lived experiences, OM is an outlet for creators facing marginalization for who they are. Our team is a multifaceted, diverse collection of writers working to make known the grave injustices faced by various minorities across the globe. The outsider team is committed to accessible, comprehensible content for all readers with minimal hardship, and a promise to improve format and delivery as required for our readership with special needs.

Our goals and ambitions revolve around educating and informing readers of current events relevant to marginalized communities everywhere. Outsider invites readers to submit their stories and struggles in order to reach a greater audience for their work and circulate news that is relevant to endangered demographics around the world. 

Our greater mission is to provide a safe, confidential venue for suppressed and persecuted creators deprived of their liberties and voice to convey their experiences to the greater international readership with immunity from retaliation and endangerment. 

As we continue to grow, as a collective team and news outlet, we remain committed to amplifying the voices of those often unheard. Our promise to you, the readership, to provide honest and stratified journalism and exposure, remains paramount. 

We look forward to hearing from you, learning from you, and working alongside you. 

In solidarity, 

The Outsiders.